sanctuary foundation for veterans


Support for Veterans and their Families



Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans’ (SF4V) slogan is Veterans Deserve 1st Class Service, and SF4V Will Deliver.  Our main objective is to make sure that Veteran’s have safe and affordable housing.  Our facilities are managed by the Foundation and all of the services below are available to our residents.  Our goal is to transition the Veteran’s to independent living socially and financially.

Employment Services and Training

Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans will assist Veterans with skills and resume building to acquire employment.  Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans participates in finding job opportunities when able. Our services also include training in Financial Literacy.

Grooming Services

Under the partnership with I SAY YES SALON and SPA, LLC, Veterans have access to grooming services upon acquiring employment or for just for a self-esteem boost.

Advocacy/Case Management

Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans can assist with coordination of patient care activities, basic needs, and to help to navigate through the VA system.

 Under our Companion Care program each Veteran that lives alone will be assigned a companion to do weekly wellness checks.


Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans’ re-entry program consist of receiving Veteran referrals from Correctional agencies. The referrals have access to all of the listed services that the Foundation offers.

Fiduciary Services (Payee)

Mobile/Transportation Service

Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans can assist with on-call transportation during business hours to doctor’s appointments, activities and treatment visits.  After hours transportation services would be provided under the Crisis Program.


Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans provides an array of comprehensive, clinical behavioral health services in outpatient and residential settings. We offer behavioral health services for individuals, couples, families and group therapy specializing in treating trauma responses, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Active Duty and Retired Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, Victims of Domestic Violence, Problems Controlling Anger, Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Stress Management, Substance Use Assessments (ASAMS) and treatment for Substance Use related disorders.