sanctuary foundation for veterans


Passion. Experience. Diligence.



LaShaunda Carter’s (CEO and Founder) passion for veterans services began when she saw first hand some of the experiences that her friends and family had as military veterans, from healthcare to housing issues. She started Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans (SF4V) in 2016 as a 501c3 (Non-Profit) organization often going out into the streets speaking to veterans to determine their needs and trying to find the resources to help them. LaShaunda often serviced veterans out of pocket and still does to a certain extent to this day. During the time that Sanctuary Foundation was founded there were 553,742 homeless people in NJ on any given night. Homeless veterans made up approximately 9% or 40,056 of all homeless adults and about 6% of them were accompanied by families and children. Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans was created off of the premises that these are people who have fought for our country and so many of them have been forgotten.


LaShaunda eventually teamed up with Ronald (Ron) Dash who is a retired veteran, Purple Heart recipient. The combination of LaShaunda’s civil service history and Ron’s leadership and military history has taken the vision of servicing veterans to new heights. Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans formed a Board of Directors and a team of specialists and volunteers to expand the services of Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans globally.


As part of the global presence Sanctuary Foundation has expanded services to the Washington DC Metropolitan area through the leadership of Samantha Fields-Foreman, the Executive Director. Between growing up in a military household and being married to a veteran Samantha shares the same passion of serving the military population. Samantha’s history as a contractor/employer and real estate and property management professional gives her the advantage of finding housing and job placement opportunities for the veteran community.


Sanctuary Foundation realizes that mental health services post military is just as important as housing so we brought on the expertise of Madinah Brown-Day MSW,LCSW,CCS as the Executive Director of Mental Health Services. Mrs. Brown-Day has been a practicing clinician for over the past 20 years. Her belief is that healing begins from within. Her staff focuses on helping individuals to create balance in mind and body by offering behavioral health services while specializing in treating trauma responses, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Stress Management and Substance Use Assessments (ASAMS).


Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans has evolved to an organization that assists veterans with acquiring housing, providing treatment and facilitating social programs in order to better acclimate veterans back into society. Other services now include job placement, counseling, education, grooming services and other individual and group enrichment activities. Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans strives to provide the immediate needs as well as long term services needed to cope with daily life issues. Our goal is to insure that each veteran and their family has safe and affordable housing and the basic needs to survive.

Make and Impact

We at Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans want to continue to service veterans and expand our services to other jurisdictions. We are asking for donations to assist in helping us acquire more housing and expand on our services. As no donation is too small we ask that you consider the impact you will have on the lives of these veterans and their families.